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Tax Deadlines:

Instead of April 15, the following are now due July 15:

  • Federal Income Tax return filing
  • Tax due on 2019 personal income tax returns
  • First and second quarter 2020 personal estimated tax payments
  • Contributions to Traditional or Roth IRAs, SEPs, and HSAs, for 2019

IRS installment agreement information

Providing direct deposit info for stimulus payments

Business owners:

SBA Loans may be available to assist you:

Comparison of PPP and EIDL programs:

WA State 10k grants for businesses impacted:


Please post this new required poster:

You are required to pay employees that aren’t working due to their own illness, the illness of a close family member, or (to a lesser extent) due to the closure of child care facilities and schools. There is a payroll tax credit to reimburse you for these wages.

Paid sick leave is required (up to 80 hours, if full-time):

And then Paid Family Medical Leave is required for up to 10 weeks (at 2/3 normal pay). There is a payroll tax credit to assist you with these wages as well.  We don’t have information yet on the relationship between this emergency federal paid leave (to be paid by employers – even small ones) and WA State’s Paid Family Medical Leave program.

Here is a great rundown on employer sick and family medical requirements:

Here is a great FAQ from Labor & Industries on what you can and can’t do as an employer:

Laid off employees:

Please check here to see if you are eligible for unemployment.  You may be eligible even if you were part-time or a gig worker:


You may be eligible for benefits under unemployment (see Laid off employees, above). A federal income tax credit may apply if you were unable to work due to the shutdown of nonessential businesses or for childcare reasons. 

Stimulus Check questions:

Last updated: 4/11/20