How We Work

How We Work Together – Tax Preparation

  1. Gather your tax documents. TaxCaddy will reflect a list of documents that applied to you last year, and we will provide a PDF Tax Organizer through your kickoff checklist.
    1. NOTE: If you are only missing a brokerage statement, K-1, or one piece of information, please go ahead and get everything else to us.  Don’t wait for just one piece of late information.
  2. Submit your documents to us in one of the following ways:
    1. Request a secure checklist by emailing and we’ll email it to you.  Clicking the checklist in the email takes you to a secure page where you can safely and easily upload documents (in PDF format, please).
    2. Use the TaxCaddy app to securely submit documents to us.  This app allows you to use your phone to submit photos of your documents.  It will also automatically retrieve documents for you if you link your accounts.
    3. Drop off at the office. While COVID restrictions are in place, you may slide your documents under the door, or you may schedule a time to drop off in person through our website.
    4. Postal mail. Our address is 19105-36th Ave W Ste 212, Lynnwood, WA 98036.

Please do not email tax documents.  Email is not a safe way to transmit sensitive information.  Based on IRS recommendations, we have implemented a no-click email policy, prohibiting staff from opening attachments to protect your information and ours.

  1. Schedule your Wrap Appointment from for 3 weeks from the date we received your documents.  We will contact you to request any missing information we are aware of. Providing missing information more than 24 hours before your appointment streamlines the rest of the process.
  2. Meet with your tax advisor, by phone or by Zoom. This meeting is scheduled for 30 minutes.  We will ask additional questions to ensure your return is correct and complete.  We will go over your return with you to make sure you understand your tax situation.  We will ask about 2021 and run a preliminary projection of the new year for you and check in on your 2021 financial goals.
  3. Sign your return. You’ll have two options for signing your return:
    1. E-Signature – you’ll receive a link, answer questions to verify your identity (required by the IRS) and electronically sign.
    2. Paper signature – you’ll receive either a hard copy or electronic version of Form 8879 to sign and return. We can accept these signed documents by secure upload, postal mail, or drop off.
  4. We will e-file your return with the IRS when we have received your signature. The IRS typically acknowledges the filing within 24 hours.  Refunds are generally issued within 21 days.  Refunds with refundable credits will be released no earlier than mid-February.
    1. If you owe, you may pay with a paper check, or electronically online at


February 22 – last day to get business information to us for a March 15 filing (partnerships and S corporations)

March 22 – last day to get individual tax information to us for an April 15 filing

Information received after these cut-off dates will be incorporated as soon as possible, but may require an extension.  If we are working on your file close to the deadline, we will file the extension for you automatically.  Please remember: An extension is an extension of time to file, NOT an extension of time to PAY.

August 1 – last date to submit information to us for the September 15 Partnership/Corporation extended deadline.

September 1 – last date to submit information to us for the October 15 Personal extended deadline.

Information received after these cut-off dates will be worked on as soon as possible, but they may be late.

Be aware that corporate (and partnership) returns carry at least a $200 per month, per shareholder/partner penalty for late filings, even though no tax is due.

Personal returns carry a late filing penalty of 5% of the tax due per month late up to 25% in addition to late payment penalties and interest.  There are not penalties for filing for a refund late.